2Pcs/lot Nordic Walking Hiking Stick Trekking Poles

2Pcs/lot Nordic Walking Hiking Stick Trekking Poles

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Go further with these Carbon Tungsten Steel Walking Poles!

Our keen mountain trekkers and ultra runners have tried and tested various poles in order to help us design the perfect pole for all types of adventures.

This collapsible walking pole is lightweight, sturdy and can fold up small to save space.
Mountain-climbing, Hiking, Trekking, Running
If you walk or hike regularly, we strongly recommend a pair of trekking poles. Poles improve balance & posture, reduce joint pain, and improve mood and confidence.

This pair of hiking poles feature the Easy-lock® fast tightening system:

Easier and faster to set up, adjust and store.
Resistant to 220 lbs. of pressure.
45% more efficient than screw-tightening system.

They also feature extended grips. The secondary, simpler grip allows you to change the position of your hands to maintain proper technique when needing a shorter pole (while traversing a slope, for example), without having to change the pole length.
Mountain-climbing, Hiking, Trekking, Running
Collapsible - This makes it easy to store when you're not using it and also saves space.

Super lightweight - Only 285g for the small and 310g or the long pole

Quick and easy to assemble - Quickly assemble the pole on the move by throwing the sections out and pulling them down to lock them in place. What's even better is that it's even easier to disassemble when you're done.

Adjustable - Our poles adjust to suit any height with the small ranging from 90-110cm and the long 110-130cm

Multiple colors - The poles come in multiple colors so just pick your favorite

Adjustable wrist strap - To secure it safely to your wrist so you don't lose it stuck in the mud.

Eva hand grips - To reduce sweat and keep your hands dry and comfortable

Multiple Tips :
  • Carbide Tip for gravel, ice and packed dry dirt,
  • Rubber Tip, to reduce noise on flat, paved surfaces
  • Mud Stop to prevent sinking into soft ground
Naturehike Carbon Telescopic Cork Handle Ultralight Hiking Stick Two Trekking Poles
The 2 poles come in a storage bag and suitable accessories for exploring various terrains:
  • 2 protective tips for walking on concrete
  • 2 Nordic walking tips
  • 2 Ski baskets allow the pole to float on top of the snow
  • 2 trekking/snowshoeing baskets



Shaft Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Length (cm): 37-138 cm
Weight (grams): Short: 328g/1pc
Stick Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel
Handle: Straight Grip Handle
Colors: Black, Blue, Red
Gender: Male/Female
Age Group: Adult
Outdoor Activity: Nordic walking, Long distance hiking, Trekking Key points Ultra-lightweight, Ultra-resistant, Mountain-climbing, Hiking, Trekking, Running
Features: Nylon Wrist Strap, Eva Handle Grip, Quick Flip Lock, Aviation Aluminium Alloy, Flexible steel wire connection inside, tungsten titanium tips, comes with mesh bag
Package includes: 2Pcs Trekking Poles

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2Pcs/lot Nordic Walking Hiking Stick Trekking Poles2Pcs/lot Nordic Walking Hiking Stick Trekking Poles
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